Front Office Products

This is not intended to be all inclusive but is intended to inform the reader as to the systems available, their functionality and scope.

C&K has created systems for:

  • Retail investment and advisory and institutional customers
  • Equity trading - OTC and Listed
  • NYSE and ASE Specialists
  • Options trading - Specialist, Market Makers, Firm and Customers
  • Bond trading - Corporate, Municipal, Government and Agency
  • Creation of and trading of SPDR's and ETF's Multi Currency Trades
  • Underwriting - Manager, Underwriting Group, Selling Group

Order Entry System (OES)

  • Customer Trade Entry

Real Time Trading System (RTTS)

  • Trader Entry & Management
    • Executions/Leaves/Average Price
  • Management Tools
    • Set Limits
    • Set Alarms
    • Access All Traders
  • Real Time P&L (Need real time price feed)
  • CMS - via FIX protocol
  • ARCA Hybrid/ARCA OTC
  • Allocation/Commissions
  • Middleware to move data between Front and Back Office Systems

Data Queries

  • Cash Balances/Account Equity and Status
  • Activity History by Account
  • Activity History by Cusip/Account
  • Trade Date Positions by Account - Marked to Market
  • Trade Date Positions by Security - Marked to Market
  • Account Name Search
  • Security Search
  • Statement Inquiry
  • Trade History Inquiry
  • Stock Record Inquiry
  • INTRADAY Inquiry