Company Overview

C & K Consultants is an information technology consulting firm in New Jersey that provides software and consulting services to the securities industry. The firm was co-founded in 1977 by Bernard P. Convery and Thomas A. Kameika and is an established provider of back-office, front-office and trading software and services to securities broker/dealers. Our list of clients includes retail and institutional brokerage firms and NYSE specialists. In addition to our core back-office support software, we offer a broad array of products and services that can be integrated into your existing systems. These products and services range from real-time trading support, customer portfolio/account management, disaster recovery/data backup to facilities management (see our Products and Services pages for a complete description of our offerings).

About the Founders

Mr. Convery, a CPA, has over forty-years experience in the securities industry. Earlier in his career, he worked as an independent accountant in charge of broker audits and then as a NYSE Examiner. Later he was operations manager and voting stockholder of G.A. Saxton & Co., Inc., a former NYSE member. While there, he supervised the activities of over one hundred employees and the installation of their computer system.

Mr. Kameika has over thirty-five years Wall Street experience. He was selected to manage the data processing department when the company automated its operations in 1971. As data processing manager, he helped design and was in charge of implementing its computer system from 1971 to 1976. He co-founded C&K Consultants, Inc. with Mr Convery in 1977.